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Assistenzroboter Schweiz Roter Balken

Jinn-Bot Robotics and Design

Founded in 2014 as a small Swiss company, Jinn-Bot today develops humanoid robots that can compete internationally. By using a 3D-Printing technique, the robots are custom-made and locally produced, according to individual customer requirements. In the current generation, "Joey" - the personal assistant robot, is the flagship product of the young company. 


Sales model

Since 2019 Jinn-Bot offers the "Buy, Rent or Lease a Bot" model. It allows customers to rent robots for short periods of time or lease them for longer periods and test them in-house. Customers should be given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the latest robotics technology and to use it to their advantage.



· 3D-Printing technology: Thanks to the modern form of production, the robots can be produced quickly and efficiently and close to the customer, as well as continuously modified.

· Local Production & Service: Local production minimizes transportation costs and ensures short delivery times and fast repair service for the customer.

· Customer-oriented: According to the areas of application and the customer requirements, the robots are adapted in terms of color, brand, size, language, skills, etc.

· Multifunctional: The robots can be used across different sectors, for example in hotels, shopping malls and car dealerships, in hospitals, at airports and railway stations, at trade fairs and at events such as company events and marketing campaigns.

Assistenzroboter Schweiz Roter Balken