Assistenzroboter Schweiz
Assistenzroboter Schweiz Roter Balken

Jinn-Bot Robotics and Design

The business model of Jinn-Bot Robotics & Design GmbH is a purchase, lease and rental model for assistance robots. 

By using the latest production and sales processes, we want to stand out from the competition.

The market analysis shows that robots can now work directly with humans and assist them. Especially the area of information in shopping centers, hotels and even airports, robots are beginning to find an application as a "mobile, flexible information stand".



As a small, Swiss company, we can differentiate ourselves both through our production process and our efficient service, as Jinn-Bot always produces close to the customer.


Our advantages over the competitors:

• Efficiency, eg we can deliver or replace robots within a short time

• Short development cycles and 3D production enable a modern, new form of production

• We have short lines between sales representative, production / service and the customer



Our sales model "Lease or Rent a Bot" is scheduled to start in January 2019. This should enable the customers to rent a robot for short events. For the customer, this brings added value in marketing, perception of Evernts, increased coolness factor.

The "lease or rent a bot" rental / leasing concept is intended primarily to make the robots of "Jinn-Bot Robotics & Design GmbH" even better known. For this purpose, we now start test runs in shopping centers and examine the reactions and in-depth requirements of the users.

Assistenzroboter Schweiz Roter Balken