Our vision is to become a leading provider of humanoid robots in the field of communication and interaction in the medium to longer term.

We would like to offer Cooperative / Cobots robots in the following market sectors: - Shopping Centers - Airports - Hotels - Hospitals (Communication)

We want to establish ourselves as a niche provider. With the new business model "Bot Leasing" and "3D Printing Technology", we offer fast, continuous development!

Assistenzroboter Schweiz Roter Balken
Assistenzroboter Schweiz Roger Seeberger

Roger Seeberger, Managing Director

«Since the beginning of the 90s

I'm in computer science

Industry environment active.

In 2003 we started with the

Development of the animation

and automation system.

This was followed by language

control implementations

and the first robot.

Through the miniaturization

the servos and standard

Control devices on

Android set up, surrendered

efficient, open

Robot systems that meet my ideas.»

Assistenzroboter Schweiz Michael Roggli

Michael Roggli, Hardware and CAD

«Already for 20 years

I work in the area


This experience with the

Processing of carbon,

Silicone, laminar resins and

Plastics of any kind

join me

Jinn project to good.

The new technologies with

CAD and industrial

3D printing inspires me

and allow it as

Small business to do great.»

Assistant Robot Switzerland

Professor Dr. Rolf-Dieter Reineke

Academic and scientific director of the Swiss

Innovation Challenge and the Swiss Next Management Challenge. Professor at the Institute for Management affiliated to the School of Business at the FHNW.

Assistenzroboter Schweiz Joshua Seeberger

Joshua Seeberger, Online Marketing

«I've been a member of Jinn-Bot since March 2018 and look forward to new experiences and projects in the online marketing space.»

Assistenzroboter Schweiz Roter Balken


Roger Seeberger developed a controller for a robot band in connection with a cultural event. This resulted in an order for a customer to build a robot for trade fair appearances. Michael Roggli was added to this project to build carbon fiber parts and assemble the robot. 


Motivated by this, we started to develop the system and built in 2012, the first running, two-legged robot in Switzerland. And as one of the first models in this size worldwide.  Daniel Scheuber joined us in 2014 and we founded «Jinn-Bot Robotics & Design GmbH». We participated in the competition "UpStart" of the University of Applied Sciences and won the third prize in the field of technology.


In March 2018, there was a personnel change, in which Joshua Seeberger took over all tasks in the field of online marketing, as well as web-based tasks of Daniel Scheuber.


We developed and financed our robots and the controller from our own resources, which we were able to achieve through part-time jobs and customer orders. 

Assistenzroboter Schweiz Roter Balken