"Joey" the self-propelled assistant robot

Assistenzroboter Schweiz Joey

Description of Joey

• Size: 120 cm     

• Weight: 16 kg

• Swivel joints (servos): 14/2 motors for height and direction / 2 motors drive

• Android device / Linux device



The business model of «Joey»:

• "Rent a Bot", which robots rent out for events for a short time

• "Lease a Bot", lease the robot and integrate it into the workflow

• It is also possible to sell the robot with service services (see Investing Budget and Market Processing)

• Sales regions with the "Rent or Lease-Bot": Switzerland, Southern Germany

Assistenzroboter Schweiz Roter Balken

"JINN" the humanoid robot

Assistenzroboter Schweiz Jinn Front
Assistenzroboter Schweiz Jinn Back


"JINN" - the robot with potential

Size: 116 cm

Weight: 6.5 kg

Moving through servo-controlled legs!

"Jinn" is bigger, stronger, more complex than other humanoids currently available for

Schools, universities, institutions (care, child care etc.)

Are available. "Jinn" can in reality thanks to high-end hardware

to interact. In addition, "Jinn" with additional hardware and software

delivered. As an example, here are called "Gloves".


What is the great benefit of «Jinn»?


It has never been easier to "Java programming" with direct connection to

Robotics and control sensors apply.

This is ideal for future applications in research and development, as

personal assistant (geriatric care, children's hospital) or in the animation,

Presentation, Custome Robot.

Thanks to the 3D print production, there are also endless possibilities - the imagination knows no bounds. 

Assistenzroboter Schweiz Roter Balken

Development of the JINN robot

Assistenzroboter Schweiz familypicture

In this picture the development of Jinn-Bot is best recognizable! On the right is SB-01, Switzerland's first humanoid robot. On the left, Jinn and Joey represent the latest generation, and have made clear progress in hardware and software compared to their predecessors.

Assistenzroboter Schweiz Roter Balken